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A “Three Hundred Dollar” Success Story

New Star Realty & Investment Group honorable Chairman Chris Moonkey Nam arrived in the US With three hundred dollars in his pocket ; he now heads the largest Asian-held real estate agency in southern California, with three billion dollars in annual sales.

In 1982, I was immigrated to the United State with $300. Soon after I founded “New Star Realty”, which is now the largest Korean American Real Estate Group in United States. I came to America with pure passion and honesty. I established New Star as the leading company of immigrant Koreans with diligence.

In 2006, New Star Group has 2,300 agents and sales reached a trillion dollars in March.

Mr. Nam’s philosophy is to have all Korean immigrants find success and stability in the United States. He also wants to give hopes and dreams to young people. 

He practices “noblige oblige” to provide scholarships to many students for 15 years. He has established the New Star scholarship committee. He’s been giving scholarships to 1193 students and last year in 2015, he awarded 92-93 students who are in need of financial and moral support. His main purpose is to not only grow his company, but also to encourage and give hope and dreams to everyone in the society.

There are 250,000 Korean American people living in Orange County. He started as President of Orange County and the President of the Korean American Realtor Association. He was also elected as the present of the Korean American Los Angeles presenting 1 million Korean Americans. He lived as a mentor, as a legendary success icon for the Korean American community. He has helped many Koreans find hope and stability. He now represents 7 million Korean American overseas. He provides the rights and quality living.

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Current official govern activities and major Korean-American organizations in USA and South Korea.

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Chris Nam photographs of activities and contributions in the Korean American community.

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Certificate of Recognition

Chris Nam was recognized for many appreciations and awards by City of Los Angeles, LA County, California Governors, US Congrass Officials, US Senates and President of United States.

2011 The President’s volunteer service
award by Barack Obama
2009 Certificate of Special Congressional
Recognition by US Congress
2008 Certificate of Appreciation
Governor Arnold Schwarzenegger
2005 LA County Commendation by
County of Los Angeles

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